The World's First Personalized Firearm

The World's First Personalized Firearm

Welcome to iGun Technology Corporation (iTC). We have created the iGun, along with other products, to the highest quality and reliability standards attainable. Take a look around our site to learn more about the iGun and what we do.

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BACKCHANNEL Article 3/15/2016
Backchannel article about lack of funding for our technology. Key Quote: "Mossberg says that aside from the work of the Smart Tech Challenges group, “I have seen no evidence yet of Silicon Valley ‘coming to the rescue of the smart gun industry.’” But, he adds, “We have been a quiet bunch, and now the evidence is coming out showing this to be near a billion dollar industry. Nobody can ignore a billion dollar profitable industry that has social impact as well. That’s the holy grail for investors: large returns and positive societal impact.”" Read More
Mother Jones Magazine - March/April 2016
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