The World's First Personalized Firearm

Our Position

iGun™ Technology Corp. (iTC) is comprised of a dedicated management team and work force, many of whom are active shooters, hunters, and proud NRA members. We have decades of combined experience in several of America's finest firearms companies.

iTC realizes that the concept of a personalized firearm can conjure up fears of potential legislation, safety concerns, and technology limitations. These concerns are our concerns as well and we have given them careful consideration during the development and launch of the iGun. iTC does not want to see our technology or anyone else's mandated by law. Personalized firearm ownership should be a choice based on one's own careful consideration of available options and the proper weighing of risks versus benefits of such technology.

Industry and consumer firearm associations continue to do a superb job of promoting firearm safety through educational programs. This has resulted in a steady decline in the number of gun related accidental fatalities. ITC wishes to acknowledge these efforts and the commendable results of the hard work in promoting safety through education by organizations such as the National Shoot Sports Foundation, Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute, and the National Rifle Association.

iTC strongly agrees that to continue to reduce firearms accidents, the key is continued education, not the mandating of personalized firearms.

iTC also believes that for certain people, personalized firearms may offer additional safety benefits not found in traditional firearms.

iTC does not think that personalized firearms should replace traditional firearms.

iTC recognizes that each type of firearm lock has its limitations:oIf a user may wear gloves, fingerprint identification systems will not be very useful.oIf a user will not be comfortable wearing a ring on finger, the iGun is probably not the best choice.

  • If a user might be concerned about home defense or stealth, a voice-activated device may not be a good system.
  • If a user frequently misplaces keys, then even a trigger lock or cable lock may be poor choice for home defense when instant access to a firearm is necessary.
  • If a user would not want to remember yet another numeric combination code, then a gun that unlocks with one of these is not the best choice.
  • If a user refuses to abide by the 10 commandments of gun safety, then no firearm is appropriate.

As can be seen, different systems offer distinct advantages and disadvantages, depending on the intended use and user of the firearm.

iTC believes that its patented system offers the greatest benefits for home defense if the purchase of a personalized firearm is decided upon. iTC recommends that all firearms be kept unloaded with the ammunition stored separately (preferably locked) and that the manual safety be kept in the "on" or "safe" position until the firearm is to be discharged.

We also recommend that the iGun be locked when not in use. "In use" carries various definitions with it. For many of us, this means any time we are at home where children would not have access to the firearm. For others it means only at night when the firearm is nearby for defense purposes. And for still others it may mean while on duty. This leads us to another myth that personalized guns can be left lying about because they are deemed safe. This is simply not the position of iTC. The iGUN, like any other firearm, should always be treated as if it were loaded and ready to fire. No unauthorized person should have access to it at any time.

Our concerns of certain pro-gun groups regarding personalized firearms are our concerns as well, yet we believe that by addressing these concerns through education and not by denial, the most benefit will occur.

We believe that ownership should be a choice based on individual situations, not a legal mandate.

ITC believes in personalized firearm ownership for certain individuals. Studies have shown that firearms are used effectively over two million times per year. Coupled with proper firearm safety education, the iTC may offer owners an extra measure of security.

Properly locking firearms when not in use significantly reduces the opportunity of children and others from accidentally or intentionally discharging a firearm. The features of the iGun can add even a greater level of security and peace of mind in the event of that first level of security is breached through owner error.

We are not aware of a single lock, safe, computer, vault, or other security system that cannot be breached by a determined individual. Therefore, it is iTC's position that personalized firearms will not stop criminal misuse of firearms. In our opinion, some legislators are naive to reach this and other dangerous conclusions regarding their interpretation of the concept of personalized firearms. ITC agrees with the industry and much of the public's viewpoint that to reduce crime, strict enforcement of the existing law is much more important than the introduction of additional "Feel-good" legislation based on reaction instead of information.