The World's First Personalized Firearm

How it Works

The user wears a ring with a special system that triggers power to the iGun system as the ring comes in close range to the normal ring-finger placement on the firearm's stock.
Visual indicator of system status right near the firearm's traditional safety system. When the iGun senses that the ring is near enough, it compares a unique code (18 billion combinations) from the ring to the gun.
If the code matches certain other conditions are met, an electric current from the battery bank actuates a mechanism to unblock the trigger.

Special Features

Firearms professionals, not computer theory people, head iGun Technology Corp. We enjoy the shooting sports and know that reliability is the biggest concern with personalized firearms. That is why we based our first product on a proven shotgun design.
Exceeds SAAMI industry standards
and select NIJ and MilSpec requirements.
Soft "click" sound
As one indicator that the system has been actuated (on and off).
Visual indicator
Of system status right near the firearm's traditional safety system.
The best battery system available.
Our battery bank has built-in safety protectors and a low voltage alarm to indicate the need for replacement. The bank is designed for very long life and is easily replaceable. Special custom-made batteries and circuitry warn of low voltage, then recover to full operating voltage to give the user plenty of time to replace the battery bank (patent pending).

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It would not fire without the ring.  I really like this technology and can see a good use for it in limited circumstances.  A home defense weapon, vehicle shotguns and rifles.

- Detective C.L.

Lots of  L/E vehicles (both marked and unmarked) have guns locked inside and unattended.  A person passing by could break a window, get inside the vehicle and possibly steal the gun.  With this technology, the potential for stealing the gun can be greatly reduced...

- Officer – Training Section A.G.

I definitely loved the technology, and even more so, the way it was presented.  To be able to fire a gun normally with the ring for one shot and then to feel the instant block of the firing action after I took the ring off was comforting... because now I know without a doubt the gun is “mine” and no one else would be able to use my gun against me or anyone else.

- First time shooter B.C.

All the mentioned markets make a lot of sense, particularly Air Marshals and Prison Guards.  Exciting to think about all the other applications for this technology, even outside of firearms.

- First time shooter M.K.

I like the concept – very easy to operate.  Outstanding Job!  Thank you for including the agency.

- Captain B.H.

Smooth, easy to operate.  I think the technology would also work well on less than lethal weapons.

- Lieutenant E.S.

I like the safety issues by limiting who can fire the weapon.

- Detective C.W.

I like the ease of authorization.

- Department General Counsel D.P.

It functioned properly.  Other markets could be dignitary protection details.

- Training Coordinator J.H.

Ease of use and multiple user options.

- Officer B.S.

It's simple; the ring adds tangibility that makes it easy to understand and know that it's going to work.

- Student A.C.

Felt as if I was shooting a regular shotgun – very simple.

- O.M.