The World's First Personalized Firearm

Our Mission

Our mission is to create ultra-reliable access control systems for the firearms and other markets.  We desire to sell our products only on a free market basis and only to customers who choose our products based on features and benefits they deem appropriate for their situation.


Our Position

ITC's Position on Personalized Firearms

ITC realizes that the concept of a personalized firearm can conjure up fears of potential legislation, safety concerns, and technology limitations. These concerns are our concerns as well and we have given them careful consideration during the development and launch of the iGun. iTC does not want to see our technology or anyone else's mandated by law. Personalized firearm ownership should be a choice based on one's own careful consideration of available options and the proper weighing of risks versus benefits of such technology.

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Licensed & Patented

iGun's patented technology could be adapted to other products of new manufacture. We have definite plans to introduce or license different products in the near future.

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Invest in ITC

If you are an accredited investor or group, please contact iGunTechnology to discuss options.